Player Face Off: Tyreek Hill vs. Dvante Adams

This offseason, the guys wanna bring you the most useful content to help you during your draft. The goal is a fantasy championship but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun along the way. In our Player Face Off series we will debate the merits of two players that are similar in ADP at the time or are likely to be two players you choose between in your drafts this fall. We will flip a coin for the rights to that player and then build our case below. At the end we will give our final takes which are not limited to the player we initially got assigned. For even more fun head on over to YouTube and watch us debate these players right on the show.

Big Travy’s Case for Davante Adams

It may seem a little silly to the Davante Adams truthers out there that I would need to build a case for him this season but some fantasy players out there may need a reminder of #17’s greatness. After PPR finishes of WR #13 in 2017 and WR #4 in 2018, Adams was not his usual self last year and finished as the WR #23 overall. That finish doesn’t tell the whole story though. We have to discount this finish given that he missed all of October with a nagging turf toe injury. Also the dude was playing in rookie play-caller Matt LeFleur’s first year as Head Coach of the Green Bay Packers. Looking forward, Davante projects to be fully healthy heading into 2020 and is now gearing up for his 7th NFL season and is smack dab in his prime as an elite WR.

The case for Adams could not be complete without speaking to his future Hall of Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Adams' chemistry has been on full display with Rodgers in recent years as he has amassed 10 or more touchdowns in three of the last four seasons. Maybe the argument for a decline in Adams' success with Rodgers could be founded in Green Bay’s likelihood to draft help at WR. I mean they even added the veteran WR Devin Funchess. I would argue that any additionally weapons the Packers add prior to the 2020 season’s start would actually increase Adam’s fantasy football potential. The Packers have lacked a multiplicity of weapons on offense since the days of Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, and Adams playing as a trio a few years back. New dynamic weapons in the Green Bay offense will likely draw some defensive attention away from Adams and allow him to shine as the true route running tactician he is. We know what it means to be Rodgers’ true number one option for fantasy football purposes and in their second year in the offense together these two stand to make beautiful fantasy football music together.

Johnny “Game Time” Hicks’ Case for Tyreek Hill

When breaking down the case between Adams and Hill, I knew that I wasn't concerned with Hill matching Adams in receiving yardage as both players have had 1,400 receiving yards in a season before. The big hurdle in my eyes was the touchdown category, given that Adams is Aaron Rodgers go-to in the red zone. However, when I dove into the numbers. Patrick Mahomes really trusts Tyreek Hill in the red zone. In fact he accounts for 15.9% of the KC red zone targets. That checks a major box for me.

Tyreek Hill is just about everything you could want in a fantasy football player. He is super fast with a 4.34 40 time, plays in one of the best offenses in the league, and catches passes from one of the best QBs Patrick Mahomes. Plus the Chiefs love to throw the ball...Even if they are up. Tyreek Missed 4 games last year with a dislocated collar bone but that still didn’t stop him from putting up 58 catches for 860 yards and 7 total TDs. Which might not jump off the page. But when you break it down to a per game average it comes out to be 15.7fpg. With the Chiefs adding CEH in the running game, it should help Tyreek Hill get over the top of safeties.

Big Travy’s Final Word

There is no doubt that “The Freak” himself Tyreek Hill is a more dynamic and explosive talent than that of Davante Adams. There is also no doubt that the Chiefs offense is in another galaxy from the Packers offense or maybe the leagues for that matter. But for my sake and really for WhisperNation’s we are discussing the merits of each of these players case for a successful fantasy football season. I think Adams wins this argument. He plays as a much more integral part of his team’s offense and Adams’ track record proves that he has as much if not more touchdown upside as ‘Reek. For those reasons and the aforementioned above I believe Adams is the player target in 2020 drafts between these two players.

Johnny “Game Time” Hicks’ Final Word

Listen, I love Devante Adams more than most middle aged men that aren't full Packers fans. I also would not fault anyone who takes Devante Adams over Tyreek HIll this year. But I also like to go with the odds as much as I can when it comes to fantasy football. Lets face it, the truth is for fantasy football is that the Packers aren't exactly what they used to be. They want to run the ball and run play action pass plays. That will likely work well for GB. The problem is that there are far less passing plays to go around if the system gets rolling. Adams will be good, but I think that he will be a little more touchdown dependent this year in order to outscore a man that has averaged .66 pprr (pts per route run) and .56 pprr over the last two years. That's good for WR3 and WR5. With that I will rest my case Whispernation.